Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Expectations

Everyone knows sequels suck (We've already disagreed on Empire Strikes Back), but here's some of our questions going into season two.
Someone will get anal warts on their face?
How many drunk chicks will bone to get on camera?
Will fame change them? Do you they still do their own laundry?
Pickles--so last season?
Who will be the most tanned?
Sammi and Ronnie--how awkward is that?
Why does Brendan love Vinnie so much, and isn't that kind of gay?
Why does Alex love Vinnie so much, and isn't that kind of warm and fuzzy? P.s. J-Woww is pretty aight.
Will Fist Pumpin' be the new sex move?
Will The Situation have a purpose/discuss his stripper background?
Will Snookie's novel feature prominently in a storyline?
Pauly D--what the fuck?
Will Angelina last more than two episodes?

Many truths will be revealed...

FYI - We are trying to follow along with the JS drinking game on this website:

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